Why You Should Exfoliate

Do you exfoliate? The top layer of our skin has a bunch of dead skin cells that continually slough off. When we’re young and hydrated, this process is about every 28 days. As we begin to age, this process slows dramatically (closer to every 50 days, give or take).

To help keep your skin looking and feeling soft while maintaining a vibrant glow, we need to help exfoliate some of this build-up and without over doing it. Moderation is key. We don’t want to over exfoliate the skin, as that can lead to sensitivity and dehydration (and anything we do that dehydrates the skin both accelerates aging and can cause an overproduction of oils).

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Exfoliating will help keep your pores cleaner and smaller in between extractions, and help with the texture of your skin, so it looks and feels soft and smooth. It also provides a great surface for product application because products are able to penetrate the skin easier without so much dead skin build-up.

Note, a proper amount of exfoliation and correct exfoliant for your skin type is key. One of my favorite exfoliants/peels is the Arctic Berry Peptide Illuminating System by @eminenceorganics. It’s AMAZING! This multi-layering exfoliant begins with an enzyme layer, followed by two applications of a multi-acid activator rich in multi-acids, specifically a pyruvic acid, derived from hibiscus flowers. The all-organic, anti-inflammatory peel helps with overall resurfacing, brightening the complexion, evening skin tone and pigmentation, helps stimulate collagen and elastin production, and helps clear and minimize any breakouts or congestion. This is one of my favorite professional exfoliants to use in the treatment room, and I love that they have a retail version of the kit to do at home. 12 week kit is ideal for doing 1 peel a week for 12 weeks in between your facials. The best part is since it’s anti-inflammatory, it’s perfect for sensitive and reactive skin types. It can even be used on rosacea.

*Exfoliating Tip- always use extra caution in sun when you have exfoliated as it can cause temporary sun/photosensitivity.


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