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From healthy recipes to body brushing

Wellness is cumulative. It’s about the bigger picture and the intricacy of all actions woven together creating the tapestry of your life. It’s not about focusing on or just doing one thing, but remaining consistent in your everyday actions which all contribute toward your overall wellbeing.

This website– and section– will be a place for education and discussion with wellness tips, healthy recipes, and suggestions on how to easily incorporate all these things into your daily life.

Welcome, and I hope you enjoy my website!

Featured Recipe

Every month we’ll feature a new recipe made from wholesome ingredients

This 6-ingredient mango salsa recipe is sure to add some flavor flare to your meals. Serves 2–5.

Ingredients: 2 Ripen Mango, Red Bell Pepper, 3/4–1 medium-sized Red Onion, Handful of Cilantro, Jalapeño (remove seeds for a milder salsa), 1/2–1 lime juice, depending on juiciness of lime.

Instructions: Finely chop/dice red onion, jalapeño, and red bell pepper and place into a bowl. Add lime juice and a little sea salt. As those flavors start to blend with each other, peel and cut mango into small cubes and add to mixture. Lastly, chop fresh cilantro and stir all ingredients together.

Add a little more fresh lime juice, sea salt, and Everyday Seasoning (all-purpose type seasoning) and taste to make sure you don’t want to adjust. Then put into refrigerator for at least 30 min. Putting salsa in refrigerator overnight is best to get a more flavorful salsa. Fantastic on burritos, tacos, fish, and in place of salad dressing.


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“Every tissue in your body interacts with every other tissue. This is why we should look at the body as a whole entity, working as one for the well-being of itself. All that it does is for self-survival.”
Robert Morse N.D.