The Power of Seaweed

Every day I have the pleasure of working with one of Mother Nature’s finest ingredients: seaweed. It’s healing, balancing, and nourishing effects are truly amazing, and the picture below speaks volumes about it’s innate ability to feed, calm, and hydrate the skin.


My friend (pictured above) severely burned her skin by accidentally applying oregano oil to her face and she contacted me needing help. I didn’t sugarcoat the prognosis– I felt it would take at least a month before the skin would heal properly, and she even risked the possibility of having a scar. I whipped up a batch of seaweed gel and instructed her to apply it generously, and at least several times a day. She sent me daily pictures and each morning the area looked better than I could have ever imagined. By day 4 her skin was almost completely healed.

I was so happy for her and I was also so happy for natural skincare. This is a perfect example of what we mean when we say feed and nourish the skin: give it what it needs to heal/repair and our bodies will do the rest. By applying this concentrated seawater solution, she was giving her skin all the vital minerals and trace elements that our skin needs to thrive. Gigartina red algae from OSEA helps accelerate cellular repair, is anti-inflammatory, and wound healing. Because of these properties, it healed my friend’s skin in less than one week.

Unfortunately, this particular seaweed can not be purchased by consumers (only licensed spas), but you can still feed your skin with seaweed daily by using marine-based skincare. My two favorite lines are OSEA Malibu and Spa Technologies.

Replenish your ocean within.


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