The Importance of Washcloths

Washing your face every night is one of the most important routines that your skin needs to maintain its health, but is often overlooked, skipped or done inconsistently.

Why is it important?

At night while our body is at rest, our skin is healing and repairing from the damage of the day. Having a nightly skincare routine helps set your skin up for success, giving it all the vital nutrients to feed your skin cells, allowing them to function optimally. Removing the build-up from the day allows the skin to purge the waste overnight, without causing more build up and congestion from makeup, dirt, oils, and anything else we’ve collected on our skin throughout the day.

Adding a simple washcloth can make a world of difference with the overall texture of your skin. You should still cleanse with your fingertips like normal, but instead of simply rinsing, use a warm-hot washcloth, and in light circular motions, use the washcloth to remove your cleanser. For the eyes, always go downwards and in on the eye area to not pull on the eye tissue. On the nose area, slide down the bridge of the nose and then light sweeping motion around the nostril. Also concentrate on hairline and near the ears since this is where buildup will occur when you just “wash and rinse.”

Key tips for washcloth use:

  • White washcloths are best in order to avoid sensitizing dyes on the skin.
  • Try middle of the road cloths, not too rough and not too plush.
  • Always wash your washcloths in a ‘free & clear’ type detergent or a Ms Meyers. The fragrances and dyes used in most commercial detergents and fabric softeners can cause a lot of sensitivity in skin. And NO bleach.
  • Do not use washcloth more than once without re-washing. Bacteria will build up on a used cloth– even if only overnight–and increase your chances of breakouts.
  • Moderate to severe acne and acne with pustules, blood, etc, use caution/avoid until bacteria is killed (pus gone) to not spread bacteria to other follicles and increase breakouts.