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Holistic approach with realistic results

I’m in the business of creating healthy skin through nourishment and holistic ingredients. Just like in life, the quick fixes or loopholes we try to take are only temporary Band-Aids or solutions, and it’s no different with skincare. In order to have and maintain healthy skin, consistency is key.

This website– and section– will be a place for education and discussion on how to take care of your skin naturally while still being able to achieve your skincare goals. Aging is an inevitable process, but we can absolutely delay the effects by providing the skin with both topical and internal nutrients creating healthy, vibrant skin and without the harsh chemicals and irritants.

Welcome, and I hope you enjoy my website!

Did You Know?

Find Out The Toxic Truth About Skincare

The average woman using synthetic skincare will apply 168 chemicals every day, and that of the 10,500 skincare ingredients used, only 20% have been evaluated for safety by the FDA, Cosmetic Ingredient review, or any publicly-accountable institute. That’s right, that means 80% of ingredients used in skincare, haven’t even been tested for safety!

Ask Briana

Common Skincare Q & A

Honestly, your home care is the most important. It’s kind of like going to the gym once a month; you’re not going to achieve your desired results. Like with everything in life, consistency is key. I prefer clients to invest in a good daily regime and get facials more like once a quarter. Lining it up with the changing seasons is even better so you can adjust your skincare with the weather and as your concerns change.
Why yes, yes you do. 🙂 Throughout the night your skin, being your largest elimination organ, excretes waste and as your oh-so-intelligent body does its job of repairing, rebuilding, regenerating, and cleaning during the night, you want to make sure you wash off anything your skin has purged. Plus, many anti-aging pm products contain sun sensitizing ingredients and its best to wash that off and apply some protection to your skin before going out and starting your day.
Yes, washing your face at night is the most important time to wash your face. During the day our skin has been exposed to so much: exposed to the elements outdoors, pollutions, toxins, dirt, sweat and oils, and anything we have put on it that day, makeup or not. So we want to make sure and wash the day off our skin each night so while our skin repairs itself at night, it has a clean and nourished foundation to do so.
The best and easiest way to minimize pore congestion is to incorporate a washcloth or something other than your hands at night when cleansing the skin (check out my blog post on washcloths here). Still cleanse like normal with your hands, but instead of rinsing, remove product with a warm-hot wrung out washcloth. Be sure to use light circular upward motions, and downward and in on the eyes.
The best way to minimize fine lines and wrinkles is to increase hydration in your skin. By increasing hydration and plumping up our dermal matrix, we naturally minimize the appearance of those fine lines. So instead of over exfoliating and sensitizing your skin to get rid of those wrinkles, hydrate them and boost the thickness of your skin to get that glowing, ageless skin.
Some of my favorite go-to products for treating pigmentation are the following:

  • Citrus & Kale Potent C & E Serum & Mask by Eminence Organics
  • Advanced Protection Cream & White Algae Mask by OSEA Malibu
  • Luminous Vitamin C Serum, Brightening Booster, Oxygenated Renewal Complex & Marine Repair Cream by Spa Technologies
  • Frankincense, Rose, and Rosehip are a couple of my favorite essential oils and extracts when creating Facial Oil Blends for brightening and pigmentation

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“Invest in your skin. It’s going to represent you for a very long time.”
Linden Tylor
“I cleanse my face no matter how tired or how many martinis I’ve had that night.”
Roma Frydman