Say Hello To Soft, Hydrated & Balanced Skin

Are you using the same sudsy cleanser you’ve been using since your 20’s? It might be time to part with your trusty soap-based or lathering type cleanser and switch to a creamy, milky cleanser.

As you’re probably aware, we begin to dry up as we age. Our oil production starts to slow, our tissues become more dehydrated, and signs of aging start becoming more apparent. Unfortunately, many people in their 30’s-50’s are still dealing with hormonal breakouts and so while they are seeing signs of aging, they focus more on stripping their oils to try and dry up the breakouts without truly understanding what they are doing to their skin.

Teenage acne typically is associated with an excessive amount of oil from all the raging hormones and changes the body is going through. While that bacteria is still present with adult acne, most adults have normal to dry skin and are using acne products for young, excessively oily teenage skin. So while you might still want to have a more “medicated” cleanser, this doesn’t need to be your main cleanser. For instance, if your hormonal breakouts are just during your cycle, there is no need to use a strong cleanser all month long. It is better to have a selection of cleansers. Two is fine, but if you can, I recommend building your selection beyond that. If you purchase them at different times, slowly adding to your collection, it isn’t so expensive and then you can cleanse your skin with the best and appropriate cleanser for that day or month based on how your skin is looking and feeling. As your skin begins to heal, minimize your use of “medicated” cleansers and only use them as needed. Doing this will help balance your skin and minimize the dehydration by adding moisture back to the skin, which will naturally minimize your oil production and breakouts. If you have breakouts in the future, it’s best to spot treat those areas with an essential oil spot treatment or something that will not dry out the skin, but instead kill the bacteria and heal the skin.

When we use cleansers that have surfactants (lather agents) whether they are naturally derived or not, they will eventually dry out your skin. Use your stronger cleansers a few times a week, or alternating daily am/pm depending on your skin type, and you can see bigger results. Your skin will be less red/irritated, less dry, and less oily/greasy at the end of the day. Your skin shouldn’t feel super tight after cleansing. If its hard to smile after you wash your face, your cleanser is too drying. 🙂

Tip when using milk or cream-based cleansers: most of them do not rinse nicely, they are meant to be removed with a warm washcloth, or the like. If heavy makeup is worn, it is best to cleanse the skin twice at night. Use a fresh clean washcloth each night. Best to apply to dry skin with dry hands. Can use on eyes as well to remove eye makeup and soften eyelashes. When massaging into skin, it’s best to warm up cleanser with quick, circular motions (this is helping your products to soften our sebum/oils/fats to help decongest the skin). In pm best to cleanse for a good 1-2 minutes for optimum benefits. Same goes for oil cleansing. Some light weight milk cleansers are ok to rinse in am. Make sure to never bleach your washcloths or wash them with detergents or fabric softeners that have synthetic fragrances or dyes, as this can be very irritating to your skin.

Get started adding milk cleansers to your skincare regime and you can say goodbye to tight, dry, and itchy skin and hello to soft, hydrated, and balanced skin!