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Nourish your skin and body

The human body consists of over 70 trillion cells. Each cell is a singular factory running a complete operation. Every cell needs to be fed nutrients and have the ability to efficiently eliminate waste in order to function optimally. Our skin is only as healthy as what we feed it– both topically and internally. Many ingredients used in the cosmetic industry have never been tested for safety and can be very harmful to individuals and the environment. This website–and section– will be a place to showcase quality, non-toxic products that nourish and feed the skin.

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Latest Features

Get That Glow– Green Algae Powder

For the ultimate glow, and my go-to-for-everything-mask, you'll want to check out the Green Algae Powder by Spa Technologies (you can check out my other product recommendations in the "get

Get That Glow– White Algae Mask

Our third product in the "get that glow" series features @oseamalibu White Algae Mask. This powerful antioxidant mask is rich in white algae, white wine, white tea, calendula, and

Why You Should Exfoliate

Do you exfoliate? The top layer of our skin has a bunch of dead skin cells that continually slough off. When we're young and hydrated, this process is

The Power of Seaweed

Every day I have the pleasure of working with one of Mother Nature’s finest ingredients: seaweed. It’s healing, balancing, and nourishing effects are truly amazing, and the picture below

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“Outer beauty attracts, but inner beauty captivates.”
Kate Angell