My Journey

After years thinking about doing something like this (starting a website/blog), I finally am! Welcome to my brand new website! My passion is educating people on alternative natural choices to the various day-to-day products we use in our lives- from skincare to household to food – and to realize holistic or healthy doesn’t mean tasteless food or ineffective skincare.

Trying to live a healthy lifestyle can be challenging. Whether it’s a lack of time, money, resources, education or desire, we don’t always make the best choices. We’re human, and sometimes the cocktail, cookie, coffee, etc is absolutely worth it and then sometimes it’s not.

This website/blog is meant to support and dispense helpful advice and real world tips to help on your personal journey toward a healthy lifestyle.

When I first started this journey toward healthier living I became obsessed. In many ways you know too much for your own good. You want to share this knowledge with everyone, and what you discover is not everyone wants to know. And that’s okay. Over many years of slowly changing my daily habits, switching out this for that,I started living a holistic lifestyle that, for the most part, has become second nature. But it’s still something that you have to continue to practice regularly.

When I’m feeling uninspired or “off” from my norm, I like to go back and read parts of some of my favorite books. They are highlighted, tabbed, and I always re-read something that I needed to hear again. This time it was “cause and effect.” “Cause and effect” means that each action (such as eating a meal) adds up and becomes a cause set in motion leading us to a certain destination.

As far as nutrition and diet goes, I try to follow a nutrient density focused diet and 70/30 rule. 80/20 rule when I’m being very good. This is life when all is going good. But then as always, life happens. And your day to day isn’t what it was, you get out of your routines, quick and convenient can happen and while you still have these great habits you’ve built in. That scale starts teddering and starts looking more like 60/40 and so on. And that’s okay, as long as you recognize and take action to get back to where YOU are your best. Where you feel your best, you feel inspired, you take care of yourself, because it feels good to. And you get back into your routines. I explain all of this because the next thing I re-read…

“Nutrition is the one thing that is everything. Becoming conscious of the importance of nutrition allows you to begin to charge the direction of change in your life. Becoming conscious of nutrition means that you are becoming aware that little things add up, that consistent actions taken everyday begin to take you in a certain direction. Things you do every now and then do not really affect your life-it is what you do consistently, such as eating food, that controls your destiny.”

David Wolfe-Eating for Beauty


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