Home Facial Guide

Don’t have time or money for monthly facials? Home facials are a great way to maintain the health of your skin in-between receiving professional facials. Many guests I work on have the exfoliants and masks, but don’t use them– don’t let that money go to waste! My favorite way to do home facials is to incorporate them into my life instead of trying to take extra “facial time” because realistically that isn’t going to happen. Do your mini-facials at home in the shower. You’re going to be in there anyways and the steam from the shower will help your skin absorb the products quicker too.

General Tip

On days you’re going to wash your hair, you will be in the shower a little longer, so when you first get in cleanse your face and then throw on a mask. Even if only on the skin for 3-10 minutes, it’s still a great pick me up for your skin and full of nutrients (think of it as breakfast for your skin). Also, most masks need to stay damp to stay active and continue to absorb into the skin. Once a mask dries it is no longer absorbing and sometimes can even have a drawing effect, pulling those nutrients right back out. Unless you’re doing a mask to pull out impurities, such as clay or mudd, you want masks to stay damp and active while on surface of skin for optimum benefits.


On days that you plan on shaving your legs as well, or taking a bath, you can do a full mini-facial.

Step 1

Get in the shower, wash face, rinse and apply exfoliant. Lightly scrub exfoliant into face, neck, and chest. Leave on while you shampoo and rinse your hair. Then go back and lightly re-scrub skin and rinse (for the crazies out there, don’t scrub too hard). Rinse off.

Step 2

Apply mask to face, neck, and chest.

Then apply your conditioner, and wash your body. Then shave your legs, etc, and then rinse out your conditioner and then rinse your mask or remove with warm washcloth. Your skin will look and feel refreshed, smooth, and bring a beautiful glow back to your skin.

I especially do this ritual on mornings when I wake up looking tired and not refreshed, skin looking sluggish. It instantly gives your skin that much needed boost!

What do I personally use for my mini-in-shower facials?

I use a combination of OSEA’s Ocean Cleansing Milk and Ocean Cleansing Mudd. I mix them together to make the cleansing mudd more appropriate for my skin type, so it dilutes the intensity a bit. 2 pumps of both, and provides a perfect deep pore cleanse and light exfoliation.

For step 2: my go-to mask is the white algae mask also by OSEA. It’s perfect for the shower because it comes in a pump, so you don’t have to worry about water getting into it.


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