Get That Glow– Green Algae Powder

For the ultimate glow, and my go-to-for-everything-mask, you’ll want to check out the Green Algae Powder by Spa Technologies (you can check out my other product recommendations in the “get that glow” series here, here, and here).

Nutrition For The Skin

This food-grade green powder is perfect skin nutrition providing the necessary nourishment to our cells. It has the ability to help decongest tissues, increase circulation, and feed our skin to ultimately create a healthier environment for optimum skin health.

Remember that not all algae/seaweeds are equal. Several factors can impact quality such as their harvesting practices and location, extraction methods, and other ingredients including preservatives. This food-grade algae is a raw algae powder that has zero preservatives because no water has been added to it yet.

These algae powders rich in the building block of life provide a wide range of nutrients from amino acids, vitamins, and fatty acids to all the vital mineral salts and trace elements that ultimately help make our body work more efficiently. They provide amazing transdermal nutrition, resulting in a brighter complexion, more even skin tone, softer texture, and ultimately healthier skin.

Where To Buy It & How To Use It

You can purchase my go-to algae powder here. A 16oz jar costs $45 and you only need 1-2 tablespoons per mask, which will usually leave you with leftovers.

This product can be used as a facial and/or body mask. Although it can be used daily, I recommend only using it for a mask 1-3x’s a week.

For optimum benefits it is best to leave on for at least 20 min and not let it dry out. Applying a thicker layer will help mask stay damp and thus active (when masks dry, they can become counterproductive by dehydrating your skin). The mask will continue to absorb into the skin for up to an additional 6 hours, so while you’ll notice results right away, you should notice an even bigger difference as the day goes on.

Directions for making mask:

  • You’ll need a small, skinny cup (like a small mason jar) and 1-2 tablespoons of algae powder.
  • Slowly add warm to hot purified water while quickly stirring. It will clump at first like a batter, but keep mixing quickly with a spatula or even a chopstick to smooth out the texture. Continue to slowly add water until it is a thick pudding consistency. Continue to mix until smooth and not clumpy. Then apply thick layer to skin. It’s also great to apply close to eyes as well to help minimize dark circles.
  • Optional– add a few drops of your favorite facial oil blend!
  • Best removed with warm washcloth and then follow with normal home care.