Get That Glow– Essential Oil Facial Blends

The second installment in the “get that glow” series features essential oil facial blends (you can check out the first installment here). There are many wonderful facial oil blend products to help treat, nourish, and improve all skin types depending on what essential oil and carrier oil is chosen. I love making custom blends for guests to use during their facial treatments, and below I list some of my favorite products to “get that glow.”

Essential Oils Overview

Essential oils are plant medicine. They are the blood and immune system of the plant; it’s essence. They provide amazing healing and repairing properties for your cells, helping them be more efficient at their job of keeping us healthy and looking youthful. Whether you’re wanting to calm skin, help with capillary damage, pigmentation, wrinkles, hydration, acne or just that overall glow, essential oils will get the job done. Plus they have very high anti-oxidant properties and have extremely high ORAC levels, which mean they have the ability to absorb and neutralize oxidative free radicals that are trying to damage our cells, and ultimately our skin.

Remember that EO’s need to always be in a carrier oil so it’s safe to use on skin. It is best to start with pre-blended facial oils if you are new to using oils in your daily skincare routine. The trick with using oils is to always apply to damp skin, directly after liberally spraying the face, neck and decleotte with a hydrating mist, hydrosol, toner, etc. The damper your skin the lighter the consistency will be; drier the skin, the heavier and thicker your oil application will feel.

You can use EO’s in place of moisturizers, in addition to or add a drop (or so) to your daily moisturizer.

Facial oils have become much more accepted and popular within mass skincare over the last 5 years, although many people still get worried they will breakout. Remember that many skincare lines used to mainly use mineral oil, which is a petroleum by-product and a by-product of the gasoline making process, which seals the skin like plastic and doesn’t allow it to breath, so of course it’s going to be pore clogging and make you breakout. Our skin is our largest organ and needs to breath, be fed, and have the ability to eliminate. Each part is equally as crucial. However, good healthy fats when paired with the appropriate skin types can provide amazing benefits for skin health and getting that glow. Plus if you dampen your skin enough, it can feel just as light as a moisturizer.

“Get That Glow” Product Recommendations 

Below are some of my favorite ‘go to’ skincare facial oils.

Revitalizing Anti-aging Oil 20+ by Earth Matters Apothecary

Great for most skin types. It’s light, grape seed oil base is even good for oily and acne prone skin. It’s great for cell regeneration and brightening.

Regenerative Antioxidant Oil by Spa Technologies

Ideal for mature and sun damaged combination-dry skin types. It’s laminaria algae infused sunflower oil and squalane oil bases are lightweight yet hydrating. Not ideal for acneic skin.

Rosehip Firming Oil Triple C & E by Eminence @eminenceorganics

Ideal for sensitive, dry, capillary damaged, devitalized skin. It’s rich so best to use 1-2 drops. Not recommended daily for congestion prone skin.

Skin Supplement Luxury Face Oil by Glycelene @glycelene

Great for most skin types, especially aging, sensitive, and dehydrated skin. Squalane oil, acai pulp oil, andiroba oil, copaiba oil bases, nourish, protect and soothe the skin.

Bulgarian Rose Otto by Epicuren discovery @epicuren
Ideal for normal/combination to very dry skin types and is also great for dry/sensitive skin types. Rose is soothing and great for redness and capillary damage.

Essential Corrective Complex by OSEA @oseamalibu
Comes in a roller ball and is fantastic for spot treating breakouts. Carrier oil bases are macadamia nut oil, jojoba oil, and sesame oil. Recommended for spot treatment or for combination/oily-acneic skin types/hormonal breakouts.

Experiment with different ones and see what works best for your skin type and which one you like the most. Personally, I love mixing my oil blends with a few drops of my first “get that glow” product featured last week.

Remember, not all EO’s or base oils are created equal and other conditions like storage of products can make a big impact on product quality, benefits, and results.


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