Benefits of Grapefruit Oil

This uplifting, reviving oil can improve moods, stimulate the lymphatic system, and even aide in weight loss. I love starting my mornings off with a citrus inhalation before picking up my first appt/facial. It helps with relieving stress and nervous exhaustion, and is great to use during winter to fight off feelings of depression or lethargy.

Grapefruit Oil is most suited for people who are tense, and is great to diffuse in the home to help minimize stress. Some of its properties include:

  • anti-depressant
  • disinfectant
  • antiseptic

Grapefruit Oil can even assist in your weight loss goals. Inhaling this EO can serve as an appetite suppressant and has been known to help minimize food cravings and comfort eating.

For skincare, Grapefruit Oil is great for oily and stagnant skin. It’s a lymphatic stimulant and can be used to help create movement in congested tissues. i.e. acne, cellulite, dull complexion, etc.

Remember to always mix essential oils in carrier oils or lotions before applying to your skin and use caution in the sun when working with citrus oils. Grapefruit tends to be the safest of the citrus oils for photosensitivity as long as it’s bergaptene free, but it’s still best to use caution.

Try keeping in your purse to use as a natural hand disinfectant or for inhalations anytime you need a quick pick me up.

What’s your favorite citrus or uplifting essential oil? Share your thoughts in the comments!


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