Benefits of Body Brushing and A Quick How-To

Body Brushing. Why should you do it? Because…

  • It increases circulation, which helps oxygenate our tissues.
  • Stimulates the lymphatic system, therefore helping to increase the elimination of cellular waste.
  • Rejuvenates the nervous system.
  • Helps increase elasticity.
  • Helps exfoliate dead skin cells, leaving a soft feel and healthy glow.
  • Helps smooth the appearance of skin, and with consistent use and over time, minimizes appearance of cellulite.

Body Brushing Tips:

  • Always use brush on dry skin.
  • Best time to dry brush is in the morning after taking a shower.
  • Brush in quick, brisk, short movements starting at the feet, always brushing up toward the heart and in directions toward closest main lymph node area (i.e. behind knees, groin area, bend of elbow, underarm, and in between breasts/chest).
  • At stomach, go with direction of digestion, starting at right side of lower stomach.
  • Do not brush your face or any areas with open cuts or sores.
  • Skin may turn pink due to an increase in circulation. This is good.

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