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Licensed Esthetician with 15 Years Experience

Briana Richardson


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Skincare & Modalities

Briana offers post graduate education classes for estheticians/spas. Topics include, but are not limited to: understanding your ingredient deck, holistic skincare, nutrition and the role it plays in skincare, essential oils, waxing training, teaching how to create a memorable facial experience, assistance with skincare product line recommendations (including raw materials, spa equipment, and supplies), sales training, and designing or enhancing protocols and hands-on implementation.


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A.S.T.E.C.C. Instructor

Briana is a certified ASTECC instructor for the following courses: Thalassotherapy, Hydrotherapy, Reflexology, Aroma-reflex, Chemical Elements, and Connective Tissue Massage. Please visit ASTECC’s website for more detailed information.

I graduated from the Citrus College Esthetics program and have been a licensed esthetician since 2002. I have extensive post graduate training from A.S.T.E.C.C., various product lines, Certified Natural Health Professionals (CNHP) as well as numerous post graduate seminars, training’s, and conferences.

I practice more of a holistic approach to skincare. I believe in the power of nutrition to heal the body internally as well as topically. Our bodies are self-healing machines and given the right nutrients and ability to remove its waste, our skin and bodies will thrive. “Stagnation is Death”​ as Dr. Alexis Carroll’s research shows.

My goal as a skin care professional is to help educate my clients so they have the knowledge to obtain their own skin care goals. I believe in using natural, healthy, active, nutrient dense products, both in diet and in skincare. I am passionate about the health of the skin and the whole person.

In my daily practice I work a lot with aromatherapy and creating the perfect blend for guests concerns and goals. I also discuss diet, daily routine tips for busy lives and schedules, healing massage techniques that engage the part of our nervous system that allows our bodies to rejuvenate, and other holistic elements.

I never promise to make every wrinkle or pigmentation spot completely disappear, but I do promise more healthy and radiant skin.

I personally prefer to stick with organic and all-natural products, but can very easily help you on blending the two worlds together. If you are interested in organic skincare, but still want some of your medical spa enhancements, we can work together to create a balance between both worlds.

Some of the modalities I include in my daily treatments with guests are Connective Tissue Massage, Dr. Vodder’s Manual Lymph Drainage, Reflexology (Ighman Method), Aromatherapy, Pressure Point, etc.


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